Trade Credit Insurance

Providing goods and services on credit is an essential and inherent part of doing business. But it doesn’t come without risk. What if your client defaults on payment or becomes insolvent before you’ve been paid? Have you considered Trade Credit Insurance?

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Trade Credit insurance is suitable for almost any company providing goods or services on credit to other companies, regardless of scale or industry and is used for both domestic and export trade. When your business has a trade credit insurance policy in place, you can forge ahead with the confidence to take on new commercial opportunities and new customers, knowing that your business is protected, should non-payment occur. We have the inhouse expertise to arrange a trade credit insurance policy for you which can reimburse up to 95% of the cash and help secure the future of your company.

In addition to covering you for any losses, a trade credit insurance policy will also provide ongoing risk reviews of your customers, so that you can make better choices in relation to how and who you do business with.

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LHK Group has unique expertise in the area of trade credit insurance. Prior to joining LHK in 2022, Sinead Wolfe worked with one of Irelands leading Credit Insurance company’s for 14 years. Sinead’s approach is about offering advice and best practice guidance on all the aspects of the credit management process including credit risk analysis, credit management best practice and debt collection. If you would like to discuss the benefits of a trade credit insurance policy, or attain a quote for your business, please contact:

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