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Our focus is to work with you to mitigate risks so you can cultivate quality food and beverages


Ireland has a strong agri-food base producing high-quality natural product and we have many years of experience working as professional insurance partners for many of Ireland’s reputable food and beverage producers. Our expertise spans across many sub sectors including chocolate confectionary, frozen prepared food, egg laying & distribution, fruit growers, snack foods, potato producers and ready meal production.

In order to offer the best advice, placement and service delivery to our clients, we have developed partnership arrangements with a number of specialists in the UK, this covers the following:

  • Physical Damage and Consequential Loss
  • Public, Products and Employers Liability
  • Product Recall and Product Contamination
  • Environmental Impairment
  • Livestock and Disease
  • Credit Risk
Business Insurance Meeting

In partnership with a leading expert in the UK in this field, we have developed a unique offering in this area to support our clients, including:

  • Crisis management structure with allocated roles.
  • Specific Crisis Management Plans: Denial of access to site loss of a key service (gas, water, electricity), loss of IT, loss of a key asset or loss of a key person, pandemic, etc.
  • Off-site crisis management centre with ‘battle boxes’.
  • Crisis communication procedures – staff and stakeholders.


Client Testimonials

As the leading snack food manufacturer in Ireland, the management of risk and insurance is a leading concern of our business. Having tendered our insurance placement to one of LHK’s international competitors to benchmark their advice, value and service, we were reassured to find the alternative broker was unable to match the terms and standard of service offered by LHK.

Seán Mulligan


Finance Director-Tayto Snacks

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